The Prince Playing Football

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This week, I want to talk about a new concept that organically emerged from a discussion I had with a friend. I call it the 'Prince playing football.' The idea is simple: To approach life as a prince would play football. If he wins, it's great. If he doesn't, the evening party is still held at the palace.

This princely mindset is useful because it helps reduce unnecessary worries and unfounded fears about the future, both of which can wreak havoc in the present. The prince knows of his status; he is confident about his abilities; and he doesn't fear defeat. This allows him to play without inhibitions, take risks, and yet, be assured that he would not have lost anything. Similarly, as long as we're not continuously watching Netflix for the entire year, we must learn to be confident and sure of our existing skills and capabilities, so we too can behave like the prince, without any fear or anxiety.

I understand it's easier said than done, but the first step toward developing this mindset is more important than eventually developing the entire mindset. What matters is the ever-evolving present, not how the present impacts the future. Hence, the 'prince playing football' mentality is effective in the present because it reconnects us with our lost sense of confidence within.

I am trying to apply this mindset in most facets of life. It's hard, but I am confident it will pay off.

This mindset is not something that will make you "overconfident" or delusional, but instead, it is a result of the abundance mindset, the notion that there is plenty for everyone in the world. What we really need, then, is the strength and confidence to realize that there indeed is enough for everyone in the world, and even if we "lose," we still host the evening party at our places.

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Finally releasing Chapter 1: The Art of Expression! In this chapter, we will explore the nuances of human expression and understand what it truly means to be human. We batch recorded a few episodes and had interviews with two fantastic people: David Perell and Scott Wiener.

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Going forward, we'll deep dive into specific topics for a longer period and then give you more informed feedback.

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