On this page, you will find longform posts I have written on topics that interest me: media, tech, internet, VC, companies, self-improvement, and more.

The Infinity Gauntlet of Media
The Internet is like ‘Infinity Gauntlet’. In it, the Internet’s “Infinity Stones” have — instead of bending rules — created new rules altogether of how we interact with media. A few examples: * TikTok takes the world by storm, * Clubhouse (read ‘Sriram and Aarthi’) hooks everybody to audio, * A…
The Art of Mastery
Imagine it’s January 1st, the ideal day to set goals you won’t follow. Once again, the annual gym membership will expire unused, the utopia of tech abstinence will fade into oblivion, and the list of books will remain unfinished. By February 1st, 80% of us will not be
Bundle Economics
Intro Back in the 90s, at Savoy Hotel, London, Jim Barksdale, CEO of Netscape from 1995-1999, said, “Gentlemen, there’s only two ways I know of to make money: bundling and unbundling.” Something that was quite funny back then, Barksdale had actually described what was happening all this while and
The Messenger Memo
I find internal memos to be a great way to learn business and a host of other skills that are important in ‘business strategy’ at large. I wanted to take the time to deconstruct it, learn from it, and share my insights on the structured and clear thinking that results
The MasterClass Phenomenon
One of the main reasons why I’m curious about MasterClass is because of the catch 22 problem that they have so effortlessly solved. I see the problem in this way: To get the top talent, you need access to consumers, but to get access to consumers, you need top talent.