The Few Big Bets

Hey friends,

One idea struck me this week and it was about making fewer but bigger bets. I read a Tweet few days ago. It said success is mostly about batting it out long enough with a few home runs.

Think about it. To be "successful," you need two things:

  1. Stick it out in the game long enough
  2. Place your bets strategically.

Doing this, odds are that if you're in the game for the long haul, then at some point, you're likely to score one or two of those home runs, and that would be enough.

So, this week, I added another little framework to my 'idea garden' (my cheeky new phrase) — thinking about my big bets. I know that I will stick it out long enough in the things that matter to me, so criterion #1 is solved. But irregardless (yep, that's a word), what are my few, big, strategic bets?

I'm going all-in on 7 deep friendships, 6 normal ones, 5 life principles, 3 side-projects, and 2 long-term habits. These are my "big bets" for today. If I were to invest $1 million into these, odds are I would, because that's how strongly I feel about the long-term potential of these things. The reason these big bets will be eventually fruitful is because they will help me tide over whatever it is that happens in the long-term, which is the whole point.

All I need is for 1 or 2 to develop to such an extent that they offer the maximum contentment, rewards — non-monetary or monetary, and sustained happiness.

The rest will take care of itself.

What are your big bets? Feel free to reply 🙂


Here are some other goodies:

A few cool videos I watched/re-watched this week:
Mark Zuckerberg's Interview with Yuval Noah Harari (1.5 hrs),
Hiking 60 Miles Alone in Iceland (15 mins),
Broadway Carpool (10 mins) [loved this one],
Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot (3 mins), and
Apple's Think Different Commercial.

A few tweets I enjoyed:
Tweetstorm on Roam Research and its use cases,
Some doodles on Wealth (recommended by a friend)


I loved recording a few cool videos this week. Here they are. One is a video summary of How Will You Measure Your Life. Another is on Roam Research. Another is a little live-stream I did.


Few episodes for the podcast as well:

- A Christian and a Muslim walk into a bar…
- What You Can't Say (Livestream Edition)
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