Sitting Is The New Smoking

Hi friends,

You're probably sitting as you read this and you're likely to be in the "wrong" posture. So, since I love to optimize things and increase efficiency, this week, I want to optimize our posture, something we don't generally think about. In these times, if you're like me, you probably spend 12 hours sitting in front of a computer. (If not, that's great.) So, it's imperative that we sit in the right way and not set ourselves up for those back or body aches in the future.

Let's get right to it.

5 Thumb Rules

  1. Keep your feet on the ground. Don't cross them.
  2. Your knees should be below your hip level. If they're above your knee level, place a cushion on your chair.
  3. Keep a small gap between the back of your knees and your chair.
  4. Place a cushion at your lower back to ensure it's supported at all times.
  5. Elevate your chest, straighten up your back, and eliminate that natural hunch.

If you're working on a laptop, make sure your elbows are on the table (or rather, a majority of your forearms are resting on the table.) If you have an Apple Watch, it'll remind you to get up every hour or so. If not, consider buying a Lumo posture correcting device (here). If you'd rather not spend, set a repeated reminder for every 45 minutes that reminds you to correct posture and take a break from sitting. To take a break, do thoracic mobility exercises, as James Clear mentions here. It's also not a bad idea to get a standing desk and this balance board.

Think about it: Our bodies were never meant to sit and stare at screens. We have over 360 joints and 700 muscles, all of which function like a well-oiled machine, only if the machine "works" ie walks, is active, and not just sedentary.

In fact, now that you've read this, why not stand up and take a walk?

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Videos of The Week

1) I absolutely enjoyed watching David Attenborough's speech here at the launch of Our Planet documentary earlier this year. A very apt time to re-live his amazing voice.

2) This video on how to remain emotionally mature during a crisis is definitely a video worth watching. Do check out other videos by The School of Life as well.

3) Finally, as for my video, see below. In this video, I share some quick and insightful advice about being more productive and leading a more deliberate, informed life.

Podcast | Half-A-Thought

Up until now, I had been producing podcasts on an ad-hoc basis. This week, however, Ali and I finally got together to discuss the purpose of our podcast, why we are doing it, its long-term implications, and most importantly, its name.

We concluded on the name "Half A Thought," mainly because half of our discussion is (more or less) fluidly scripted 5 minutes before we record, while the other half is absolutely spontaneous. Also, "one full thought" would be an already-established idea, whereas half a though represents novelty and the potential for something more.

This week, we talk about the subtle nuances of love by looking at the concept of "Love is Blind," a Netflix show in which partners choose each other on the basis of their conversation. The key struggle: Does the quality of conversation supersede physical intimacy as a criterion for sustainable love?

Click on the picture below to go to the podcast. :)

Articles of The Week

It's time to do a "Q1 Life Review." See David Perell's article here for some inspiration.

To be more productive, definitely check out this book (Make Time) here.  

For some more general inspiration on work, life, productivity, and great ideas, check out Andy Matuschak, a SWE, designer, and researcher here.

See you next time :)